Intensive Therapy

We are happy to offer Therapy Intensives as a new model of treatment to interested patients. Intensives are brief treatment plans geared at addressing/achieving 3-4 short term goals with sessions that are higher in frequency, duration, and intensity than the accustomed therapy schedule. Therapy Intensives are intended to offer a catalyst to patient skills and abilities. These intensives may be completed with multiple disciplines (Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapy). Each Intensive is specifically designed for the patient’s needs following a thorough evaluation to ensure patient eligibility. Our therapists use the evaluative data to determine how best to address limitations in order to achieve the child’s short term goals and continue to develop higher functional skills.

Intensive therapy plans run for 2 or 4 weeks depending on the plan of care, patient eligibility and availability. These intensives are at least 2 hours daily, Monday-Friday of the intensive weeks. Following each intensive, a comprehensive plan summary will be delivered to each patient discussing goal attainment, strategies used, and future recommendations.

While many intensive programs focus on a single method of therapeutic delivery, our therapists use all of their experience and skills to develop these programs including; Dynamic Movement Interventions (DMI), LSVT BIG, Neuro Developmental Treatments, Child Directed Interaction Therapy, DIR Floortime, Sensory Integration, Beckmann Oral Motor Strengthening, Power Protocols for Muscle Fiber Type training, and many more.

We are now accepting applications for our Intensive Therapy Appointments. Please contact us at [email protected] for information regarding this program and insurance estimation of benefits.


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