Do You Accept Insurance?2021-10-04T18:19:33+00:00

Yes! A complete list of our insurance partners can be found here. Please contact us at [email protected] with your insurance information to discuss estimation of benefits.

What ages do you work with?2021-10-04T18:19:53+00:00

We see patients from Birth to 21 years.

Do I need a referral?2021-10-04T18:20:11+00:00

Yes. Most Insurances require a physicians referral for ongoing services. Our company policy requires this referral for start of care.

Do you just see patients in your facility?2021-10-04T18:20:31+00:00

No! Most of our treatment sessions are held in our facility, but not all of them. Our hardworking clinicians also travel around the Lowcountry to homes, daycares, and community areas to help assist kids in natural environments.

Why is no one wearing shoes?2021-10-04T18:20:58+00:00

We do not wear shoes past our main lobby within our facility. It’s a little strange, but we try to limit any dirt and germs that might be carried in from our shoes as we work with many little friends that are frequently falling, learning to walk, exploring with their mouths, and still crawling. Don’t worry if you forgot socks…..we have extra!

How long is a treatment session?2021-10-04T18:21:23+00:00

Great Question! Our evaluations are always 1 hour. This gives our clinicians time to learn as much as possible about the new patient.  Most of our treatment sessions are 1 hour in duration. Thirty minute sessions might be utilized dependent on insurance limitations or patient tolerance.

We need to cancel. Who do I contact?2021-10-04T18:21:40+00:00

The best option is to call or text our office manager with your name, your child’s name, appointment time and which therapist they are scheduled for. They can be reached at [email protected] or at our secure line at (843) 696-2174.

Did I hear you guys do Missions work?2021-10-04T18:22:04+00:00

YES! This is a big passion for us at Holy City Pediatric Therapy as we are dedicated to helping others locally, regionally and globally. If you have a missional concern or idea contact our Director of Operations/Missions Coordinator at [email protected].

COVID is a thing, what are you doing to protect my child?2021-10-04T18:22:26+00:00

We are working very hard to keep all our friends safe during this difficult time. We require masks in clinic for all clinicians and visitors and request that any patient that can wear a mask please do so at this time. We will continue to perform temperature checks and monitor symptoms of anyone that enters our clinic. We miss seeing your smiling faces, but we are working to keep everyone in our facility safe, especially our friends that are immunocompromised. Thanks for understanding.

I keep hearing about intensives…what is that?2021-10-04T18:22:45+00:00

Intensives are a model of therapy where kids are immersed in therapy for higher durations of time, more frequently and often with more challenging tasks to address specific limitations. Our Intensive models focus on 3-4 specific patient goals and are meant to catalyze your child’s overall development. More on intensives at Holy City Pediatric Therapy can be found here. For specific questions with intensives, email [email protected].

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